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News and Updates

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Minor Updates

Following Updates are now available

  • Ancient Adena gain from Seal Stones has been raised in the Common Grade Shop
  • The p.atk of mobs in the Element Stone areas has been lowered a little

11.10.2015 21:09 - [GM]Zhar

Minor Updates

Following Updates are now available

  • Removed Clan Penalties
  • Added pet resurrection scrolls to the shop
  • Ancient Adena gained from Seal Stones in the Common Grade Shop have almost been doubled

06.10.2015 20:16 - [GM]Zhar

Giant's Codex, and drop rate update

Following Updates are now available

  • Giant's Codex can now be farmed in the Crypts of Disgrace
  • Raised the stone drop chance of the area specific element from x2 to x3 (for example, Forge of Gods: Fire Stones x3 instead of x2)
  • Manor rate has been raised from x1 to x10
  • Added Spirit Ore to the Common Grade Shop
  • Added servitor buffs to the NPC buffer

04.10.2015 15:21 - [GM]Zhar

Server moved to a stronger machine!

Following Updates are now available

  • Please download the new Patch!
  • More than x2 hardware power
  • Vampiric effect has been slightly raised
  • The chance to get cancelled by mobs has been drastically reduced

03.10.2015 14:05 - [GM]Zhar

Servers first Heros are here!

Following Updates are now available

  • Heros have been picked
  • Everyone who didnt get his hero status, pm me ingame
  • Raised the duration of some more buffs from retail to 1 hour
  • Trade chat should now be global

02.10.2015 21:34 - [GM]Zhar

New Farming Areas!

Following Updates are now available

  • Fire Stones: Forge of Gods lower level (x2 Fire Stones droprate)
  • Water Stones: Fields of Whispers (x2 Water Stones droprate)
  • Earth Stones: Sea of Spores (x2 Earth Stones droprate)
  • Updated Farming Areas overview
  • removed raidboss jewelry drop until raidbosses are revised
  • lowered the spear resistance on farming grounds
  • S-Grade Scrolls price has been raised and they additionally cost Golden Apiga now
  • Champions attack multiplier has been raised from 1.3 to 1.4
  • Added Sirra's Blade to the Common Grade Shop

29.09.2015 18:21 - [GM]Zhar

Time for some Updates!

Following Updates are now available

  • Added some buffs to fighter and mage preset
  • Uploaded a new geodata
  • Lowered the global aggro range of mobs by 50%
  • Raised party XP multiplier from 1.2 to 1.8

28.09.2015 23:24 - [GM]Zhar

All about Farming Areas

Following Updates are now available

  • Added Farming Areas overview to the Website
  • Raised weight limit from x3 to x4
  • Raised Mana Potion mana gain from 800 to 1200
  • Made some balancing improvements, so there are more than a few strong classes
  • Added Dance of Vampire to the Fighter Buff Preset
  • Raised the amount of Element Stones needed to buy equipment

20.09.2015 18:10 - [GM]Zhar

Farming Grounds Update

Following Updates are now available

  • First three custom farming grounds have been added
  • Holy, Dark and Wind drops at all three locations
  • Holy Stones: Monastery of Silence (x2 Holy Stones droprate)
  • Dark Stones: Dragon Valley Entrance (x2 Dark Stones droprate)
  • Wind Stones: Stakato Nest (x2 Wind Stones droprate)
  • please give us feedback on forum about difficulty / droprate etc

18.09.2015 21:42 - [GM]Zhar

Updates - Friday 18. September 2015

Following Updates are available

  • Added buffs to the fighter preset: Berserker Spirit, Chant of Eagle, Chant of Fire
  • Added buffs to the mage preset: Berserker Spirit, Acumen, Wild Magic, Mana Regeneration
  • Reduced Blessing of Vitality duration from 2 hours to 1 hour
  • Raised the weight limit multiplier from x3 to x4
  • The first custom farming zones are picked. Implementation following soon...

18.09.2015 21:42 - [GM]Zhar

Updates - Monday 14. September 2015

Following Updates are available

  • Installed a new Geodata. So monsters running through walls should be fixed.
  • Enabled Gift of Vitality event. The Vitality Manager is in Giran.
  • Doubled the vitality gain in piece zones and when logged off.
  • FORUM is online! Will customize it tomorrow.

14.09.2015 22:59 - [GM]Zhar

Todays Server Updates

Here the list of the Changes

  • 3rd Class is now for free
  • Subclass is now available without any quest
  • Global Gatekeeper is now implemented
  • You can get Golden Apiga from killing Champions. Champions can be Monsters above Level 70. (the higher the champ is the higher is the drop chance of the coin)
  • Heal Potion has been added to the Common Grade Shop
  • Stage 13 Crystals have been added to the Common Grade Shop.
  • Closed an Adena exploit, and had to reset some players Adena. Next time there will be a ban. If you find a bug, report it, dont exploit it.
  • S Grade Weapons now cost Adena and 2 Golden Apiga
  • Seal Stones can now be exchanged for Ancient Adena at the Common Grade Shop (Quest Items button)
  • Buffs, Songs and Dances can be clicked away with ALT+Click
  • Separated shields from sets in the shop
  • Removed the "Buff Summon" button from the NPC Buffer. If you buff yourself your pet receives the same buffs.

13.09.2015 19:15 - [GM]Zhar

Support for new Characters

New characters now have Escape - Giran Castle Town scrolls and start with 300 thousand Adena. In the Common Grade Shop you can buy the newly added No Grade weapons.

12.09.2015 21:32 - [GM]Zhar

NPC Buffer

NPC Buffer is now available in Giran Town, near the Gatekeeper and buff duration has been raised to 1 hour. Since leveling is easier now, server rates have been reduced to x30. I also added some quest items and S grade enchant scrolls to the Common Grade Shop and S grade weapons price has been reduced to 25 million Adena.

12.09.2015 21:32:09 - [GM]Zhar

Added Server Rules

Here are some rules for the server about botting, dual / multiboxing, scamming etc.

09.09.2015 09:20 - [GM]Zhar

Server update

Here some updates for the server:

  • Please download the new Patch
  • Buff / Songs / Dance duration has been raised to 30 minutes
  • Inventory Slots have been raised from 80 to 160
  • You can now buy arrows at the common grade shop
  • Overall running speed has been raised slightly
  • Dual / Multiboxing is not allowed and will be result in a ban. Stay fair.

08.09.2015 21:43 - [GM]Zhar

Mana Potion

Mana Potion is now available in Common Grade Shop.

08.09.2015 17:25 - [GM]Zhar

Added short Leveling Guide

Greetings, i created a short Leveling Guide for you with some good spots for leveling. Dont forget to use the Newbie Guide / Adventurers Guide to receive some standard buff magic.

06.09.2015 22:25 - [GM]Zhar

The Website is online! ist now online with information about the server, a guide to connect, news and updates. More features will follow shortly...

05.09.2015 20:12 - [GM]Zhar

The Server is now online!

Lineage 2 time2play mid rate (exp: x40, sp: x40, adena: x25, drop: 10x, spoil: 15x) Server Phoenix with a spezial farming system is now online.

04.09.2015 22:05 - [GM]Zhar

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