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Leveling Guide

Level 1-10: Starting Area

The beginning is easy, just kill the gremlins and other monsters at the stating point until you reach Level 10.

Level 10-20: Windmill Hills

Teleport from Gludin Village to Windmill Hills. Be careful, some of the monsters are very aggressive.

Level 20-26: Langk Lizardmen Dwellings

Also accessible from Gludin Town Gate Keeper. Not far away, you can also try to level in the Wastelands.

Level 26-33: Cruma Marshlands

Get there from Dion Town.

Level 33-40: Hardins Private Academy

Giran Town Gate Keeper can teleport you to Hardings Academy.

Level 40-45: Forest of Mirrors

Accessible from Hunters Village.

Level 45-52: Cemetary

Right next to Aden Town, you have to run.

Level 52-56: Fields of Massacre

Use the Gate Keeper in Aden to get to the Fields of Massacre.

Level 56-61: Valley of Saints

Accessible from Rune Township.

Level 61-65: Forest of the Dead

Accessible from Rune Township.

Level 65-70: Pavel Ruins

Near Town of Schuttgart.

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