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x30 Game Server




Server Info and Features

Welcome to the new mid rate server (x30) L2 time2play with custom farming areas for high grade items.
The main Town is Giran Town. You can find the High Grade Shop with top tier items, the NPC Buffer, Classmaster and TvT Event Manager there.

Server Info

  • L2j - The Chaotic Throne 2 - High Five
  • Dedicated Server


Experience Skill Points Drop Spoil Adena

Normal x30 x30 x10 x15 x20

Party x39 x39 x10 x15 x20

Quest x45 x45 x20 x15 x40

Phoenix Features

  • Special Farming Grounds farm Element Stones for top items
  • Improved balancing so there are not only a few playable classes
  • Common Grade GM Shop (D-Grade to common S-Grade)
  • High-Grade GM-Shop S80, S84 top grade gear for stones from special farming grounds
  • NPC Buffer gain Golden Apiga from Champions for 3rd Class buffs. (Champs can be from lvl 70-85)
  • Vitality Manager get your 1 hour vitality buff
  • Global Gatekeeper
  • Class Changer change your class just with one click (you get Adena for equipment after changing class)
  • Team VS Team Events special automated events
  • Adena Banking type .deposit / .withdraw in chat to convert 500kk Adena to goldbars
  • Offline Trade / Craft just open your store and logout
  • Manor x10 rate
  • Safe enchant to +4 and max +25
  • Higher run speed overall slightly higher run speed
  • Higher regeneration overall slightly higher regeneration (HP, MP, SP, CP)
  • Champion Olympiad become a champion!
  • Castle Sieges fight and conquer!
  • L2Walker Protection botting, dualboxing etc is not allowed
  • some more to come...

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