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Lineage 2 private server
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Game Rules

Botting / 3rd Party Programs

Using L2Net, L2Tower, zRanger, L2Walker etc is prohibited and will result in an immediate and permanent ban.

Dual / Multiboxing

Do NOT log more than 1 client to the game. We can see your IP, so same users with the same IP will be checked. Dual Boxing doesnt only mean 1 computer and two l2.exe running, also if you use a second computer and one character is only following while the other fights.
Play fair. 1 player = 1 l2.exe running. Offenders will be banned.

Healer Boxing

Like above. Botting or dual boxing with a healer only following and healing is strongly prohibited. If you need a healer, find someone who wants to play one.
Stay fair!


Scamming and cheating is also not allowed and will result in a ban.

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